Digital Health Screening Platform (DHSP)

Digital Health Screening Platform (DHSP) - for NCD Screening/Spotcheck

VinCense DHSP is capable of providing 8 parameters in 4 minutes and is the perfect platform for time and cost-effective NCD screening - the principal factor in being able to deliver preventive care for all. Early identification of NCD metabolic risk factors such as raised blood pressure, blood sugar and obesity can be done from the collected vitals by the NCD analytics in the web interface. This will be very useful for the early identification of risk factors which in turn helps in better treatment outcomes thus enables preventive and curative care that too at a compelling price point. The health status of the individual can also be tracked. It also helps in population-based periodic screening of NCD risk factors. This facilitates early detection thereby reducing premature deaths. Thus our solution is an ideal fit for mass screening and management of Non communicable Diseases

Digital Health Screening Platform (DHSP) -  for NCD Screening/Spotcheck